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Privacy Protection With Trust. Share unlimited file.

Easy to use, protects privacy, helps sending large files and sharing with ease with WinZip, the #1 choice to work with large files.

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  • OS Win XP / Win 7 / Win 8

  • Instantly Zip and unzip data
  • AES encryption, the banking-level protection.
  • Email deliveries of large files in Zip format.
  • Easy to share on various platforms.
  • New ZipShare file sharing service included.

  • Unzip TO All Major Formats
    Winzip 18 allows you to open in all major compression file types, including formats such as, Zip, Zipx,
    RAR, TAR, 7Z, GZIP, etc.

    Secure Your Data
    Easily encrypt your files and protect their privacy when you zip all your data in one file. You can also
    add watermarks to prevent your data from unauthorized copying.

    Manage Through Cloud Sharing
    You can now share data directly to more cloud services, as well as, manage all your cloud files easily
    without wasting time. You can also share links of all your cloud files instantly.

    Winzip Add-Ons
    With new WinZip Express Add-ons, you can add up popular features of Winzip, to a single software.

  • Zip Files and Manage Content Efficiently
    It is so much easierto move files and folders when you have compressed them. It not only saves time but it also saves storage space and transfer time. No matter what the file format, you can easily drag and drop files from your computer or import files you have on SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, CloudMe, Google Drive and SugarSync and get them zipped instantly. When you want to share files colleagues, business partners, friends, etc, Zip files are the number 1 choice for you because it lets you organize multiple files into one convenient and easy-to-unzip package.

    Unzip Any File Format Instantly
    Winzip 18 lets you extract content the largest selection of compressed file types, which includes, Zip, Zipx, RAR, B72, 7Zip, LHA/LZH, etc. When you are extracting encrypted files from WInzip 18, the software will auto-wipe all your temporarily extracted copies that would help to prevent from any misuse.

    NEW! Easily Connect To All Cloud Services
    WinZip lets you connect directly to SkyDrive, Box, Dropbox, CloudMe, Google Drive, as well as, SugarSync. This enables you to organize all your cloud files instantly. You can easily use WinZip to zip save and secure large amounts to data and information to the cloud and also retrieve files or links that you can share with people. Secure your files and save precious online storage space by zipping and encrypting them first.

    NEW! All in One Cloud File Sharing
    How wonderful it would be to have all your cloud files, including those that are saved on other cloud services, in a single view. With WinZip 18, you can now avail this opportunity. Instead of wasting any more time tracking your files and moving around with various cloud services and determining how much space you have on your computer, enjoy this swift and easy cloud file sharing software without leaving WinZip.

    Share Files On Social Media
    The ZipShare feature allows you to share various types of file on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. With this feature you can keep everyone in the loop when you post content to the three major social networks with just a click. You can simply select any file you want on your computer to share, and compose it in the form of a message, and pick any social media network where you would like to share your files.

    NEW! Transfer Or Email Large Files In One Go
    With WinZip 18, you can easily email large files or folders by using any of the cloud services you are using. Your files will automatically get uploaded to default cloud service and you will be provided with a link to these files in your sent email. You can easily sent 50MB of files free if you use the ZipSend cloud or move to ZipSend Pro that allows you to send 2GB.

    Easily Convert Files To PDF Format
    Winzip 18 allows you to share content in the best way by converting your data to PDF. WinZip allows you to easily convert Microsoft Office files to PDF when you zip, and make them shareable with anyone you want. You can also get extra protection by creating a read-only PDF.

    Instantly Create Shareable Images
    You can now convert high-resolution images in more convenient sharing sizes quickly with Winzip 18. This feature enables you to share entire albums while keeping your original, full-quality data on file.

    Preview Files Whenever You Want
    With WinZip’s convenient previewing feature, you can browse the contents of any Zip file before deciding if you need to unzip it. Unzip and Try is an advanced feature of Winzip 18 that lets you review related components of your Zip file without the need to extract your Zip file first.

    Safeguard Private Data And Information
    Winzip 18 helps you protect your files from any unauthorized access by using a banking-level security synced with FIPS-197 certified 128 or 256-bit AES encryption. You can also acquire extra security by setting up your own password policy when you define complexity requirements that the software enforces for you.

    Easily Add Watermarks
    Winzip 18 discourages unauthorized copying of your documents, adds traceability and protects your files and folders by adding watermarks to you PDFs and images. You have full control over the transparency of watermark, and can also choose what size or where it appears. Winzip 18 also lets you add date or time stamp to the watermark for greater security.

    NEW! Protect Your Data With WinZip Pro
    By upgrading to Winzip Pro, you can keep your files forever safe. In addition to WinZip’s comprehensive file compression, sharing features and encryption, WinZip Pro offers essential backup tools that let you protect against any data loss.

    Auto Cloud Backup
    Winzip enables auto-backup to your connected cloud account, or desktop folder or between cloud accounts.

    Automatic File Back Up
    Winzip Pro allows you to back up files, folders, email, favorites, documents, desktop, pictures, libraries with a single click when you set up custom jobs that automatically zips and archives your important files. It lets you simplify the process and save time on repetitive zipping or archiving of tasks by using predefined jobs.

    Get Portable Media
    With Winzip Pro you can prevent any data loss by zipping and automatic backing up of your important data when you burn it directly to Blu-ray Disc, CD or DVD. You can select the number of files you want to zip or unzip. WinZip Pro automatically splits your backups over multiple disks.

  • NEW! Zip And Share With More Cloud Services
    With Winzip 18 you can protect your files easily using the cloud and use less space when you zip them first. WinZip 18 enables you to connect directly with your cloud services, such as, Box, Dropbox, CloudMe, Google Drive, SkyDrive, and SugarSync. Zip files before you upload and open zip files that are saved in the cloud, or select the files from cloud to zip and share.

    NEW! Streamlined Cloud Navigation
    Easily access and manage all your cloud files easily from your computer. WinZip 18 makes it easier to send files to any cloud services, as well as, save files between your cloud accounts and monitor your cloud services storage space.

    NEW! Share Cloud Links On The Social Media
    You can easily send links of your cloud files to anyone through email, social networking sites or instant messaging.

    NEW! WinZip Express Add-Ons
    With Winzip Express Add-ons, you can harness the power of WinZip software in your everyday life. Just download the WinZip Express Add-On for your browser for free and get instant access to the unlimited and useful WinZip features. Add-Ons for Winzip software are also available for Microsoft Outlook, Photos and SharePoint.

    NEW! Compress Files Easily
    Quickly create Zip and Zipx files and reduce them to an even smaller size with an enhanced zip engine that comes with WinZip 18.

  • Download WinZip For Free

    WinZip is a fundamental application of compression and decompression for all formats of data like file, music, video, folders. It possesses the power to lessen the size of documents after that the documents will certainly require less time in uploading and helps to share it remotely anywhere and with anyone.

    The WinZIP Free works with Windows OS, iOS andon all the other Android developed platforms by Winzip computing. It delivers different levels of support for various archives format, such as RAR, 7Z, ACE, ARJ, BZ2, CAB, GZ, ISO, JAR, LZH, TAR and many more, which makes it better than any other archiving tool that provide less or equal facilities to their users.

    There are various other compression tools which are easily available on the internet, but currently WinZIP Free Download is considered as the world’s number one utility tool. Winzip was first launched in 1991 and since that time it has gained so much prestige due to its extraordinary services and features offered to the users.

    WinZIP Free Download

    Presently, there are various process through which a data can be transferred like disc drive, removable devices, cloud services, etc. Winzip keep its customers at ease by providing full support of sharing therefore the name of the first file menu: unzip / share
    The best feature of Winzip Download is that its interference produces an upper toolbar that stores intuitive icons, each found in the given category. It enables the user to put password on each and every document and without the correct password it is out of the question to re-open the respective document. Winzip locks all these documents containing password through AES (Advance Encryption Standard). AES is a specification of the encryption of electronic established especially by the U.S. This application makes it certain that the password cannot be broken through most of the commonly used decrypting applications.

    As far as the appropriateness is concerned people prefer Winzip Free for both their work and in their home because it gives numerous options for the compression of file for instance it offer drag and drop option and the integrated context menu entry.
    If you desire to share your things with your friends or with your other business colleagues then Winzip would be a good choice for you. It offers extra tools which will assist you in resizing a picture into many resolutions and can even transform them into water mark shortly after they are admitted into the main processor. It also has an excellent converter, which can change your office documents into PDF format in just a blink of an eye.

    If we compare Winzip with the other than the mere flaw it has is it is a bit slower, but that slower speed is nothing in front of its outcome. The second prominent and popular characteristic of Winzip is that it can also retrieve files effortlessly even if they get harmed to a greater extent.

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